Beyond Worms

Supporting Sustainable Farming


The biological approach is the healthiest way to restore the soils environment to a natural state.

Organic matter in the soil can reduce erosion and nutrient leaching, increasing water holding capacity by adjusting the chemical and physical properties of the soil.

Biology in the soil creates the environment to aid root exploration and penetration.

When there is a lack of bio-diversity pest infestation and disease occurs. Re-establishment of soil biology is needed to bring soil back to good natural health.

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Laboratory Analysis reports 


Worm Castings

Slow Release Fertiliser

Balance high quality blend of Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus and trace elements.

Contains beneficial biology - bacteria, fungi and protozoa to help promote nutrient uptake into the plant.

Screened and ready to apply. Hand cast on lawns and water in, or apply as regular fertiliser to all plants.

Promotes deeper and stronger root systems and retains moisture in the soil.

Worm castings are a slow release fertiliser without the smell associated with other organic products available.

Compare our analysis with your regular fertiliser.


Liquid Concentrate

Soil Conditioner /

Foliar Spray

Contains beneficial nutrients, microbes and bacteria to aid all plant types, without the odour.

100% natural product and designed to promote plant health and growth.

Promotes 'locked up' nutrients to be released in the soil.

Plant growth stimulant and soil conditioner. Suitable for all soil types.

Our liquid is in concentrate form, may be mixed at rate of 10 or 50 ml to 1 litre, also suitable for hydroponics and safe for orchids.


Soil Biology

Use as fertiliser - water soluble available nutrients to plants. Can decrease chemical fertiliser requirements and associated costs. Promote crop health and reduce need for pesticides.  Enhances disease suppression or resistance to disease. Improve soil structure, water retention, root depth and plant growth.